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How to Look up the FHA Approved Condominium List? A real estate agent can help you locate condos and townhomes in your area that are FHA eligible. There are several factors that go into getting final approval for a loan. The mortgage underwriter will look at your application as a whole.

 · Buyers can look up a condo’s FHA approval status with a lookup tool on the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website. The.

FHA Loan Articles. News and Updates for homeowners. fha eases condo Approval Guidelines. "Effective immediately, FHAs temporary guidance will streamline.condominium recertification process and expand the eligibility of acceptable owner-occupied units to include second homes that are not.

The guidelines for FHA condo project approval can be found in the attachment to Mortgagee Letter 11-22 called the Condominium Project Approval and Processing Guide, or the "Guide" for short. Some of these guidelines were updated via Mortgagee Letter 12-18. The minimum required documents for.

The Federal Housing Administration has made changes to its condo rules to expand the availability of affordable housing options. More on the owner-occupancy percentage calculation. To be considered for FHA approval, 50% of the units in a condominium project must be owner-occupied.

A search of the local multiple. and this is perhaps more apparent when it comes to condominium financing than any other type. In order to be eligible for FHA financing, a condo complex has to be.

 · VA Condo Approval Types:. VA accepted any condo project by FHA/HUD. Condos are grandfathered if HUD approved prior to this date. Although, if a condo is only HUD Accepted, we will call VA just to make sure it is approved. unaccepted. condos with this status are not approved.

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Condo Approval Professionals is a full service company that provides project approvals for all government agencies. We are currently involved in numerous project approvals through multiple agencies, including FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and VA. Our Specialties.

pmi on fha loan removal Borrowers who are able to put a downpayment over 10% on an FHA loan with pay PMI for 11 years on a 30 yr fixed mortgage. There may be other options for removing PMI if you have paid your loan to under 80% ltv. speak with a couple of different lenders to compare refinance offers and get some feedback on your options.

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