how to sell your house to a family member

If you’re looking to pass the house on as part of an inheritance to your child, you can make it a gift — but you’ll either have to pay gift taxes or use part of your gift tax or estate tax exemption. If you sell the property, it works the same as it would for a sale to any family member — there’s no special treatment for selling to your child.

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Selling a home to a family member can be a tricky process for both the seller and the buyer. Just because the purchaser is a relative, that does not mean you can sell the house at a discount. In addition, you must go through many of the same legal processes that you would normally perform if selling to a nonrelative.

How to Sell Your House Rent to Own #4: Your friend or family member will know your personal financial business. When it comes to finding the right house or selling your current place, a lot of personal details come up-especially if you’re getting a mortgage to purchase a new home.

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So maybe you are buying the house from your in-laws, but your sister and your Aunt, and everybody else can help you with other costs associated with buying the house! If INCOME is the issue, not credit, then you CAN add a family member as a non-occupying co-borrower.

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Although it is generally frowned upon, and in most cases will never occur, it is not against the law to sell your short sale property to a family member, if the lender agrees to the exemption of the arm’s length law.

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