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You no longer have a first mortgage, so the HELOC then becomes your first lien. When you make a mortgage payment, you’re paying two basic things: principal and interest. Principal is the amount you borrowed in the first place and the interest is the fee charged by the lender for borrowing the money.

Term: Mortgage loans generally have a maximum term, that is, the number of years after which an amortizing loan will be repaid. Some mortgage loans may have no amortization, or require full repayment of any remaining balance at a certain date, or even negative amortization.

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The first mortgage is, simply put, the primary mortgage for the property. It’s the one that pays for the value of the house and nothing else. In the case of a default on the loan , the first mortgage has the first claim on the property so if the details of the loan are not worked out by the borrower and the lender , the lender will have more of a claim to the property than a second mortgage lender would.

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first mortgage. A real estate loan made to the borrower and recorded in the public records by the lender,before any other mortgages. First Mortgage. A mortgage that has a first-priority claim against the property in the event the borrower defaults on the loan.

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A first mortgage is the first type of mortgage loan that a person takes out on a property. The main differences between a first.

Applying for your first mortgage can be a hassle. Find five ways to make it a little easier to get your first home loan at Bankrate.com today! Here are five ways to make it a little easier.

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