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TVs and computers will be most in demand, said owner Frank Rutkowski. with no interest or finance charges. That 75-inch TV rents for $69.99 per week for 24 months, or can be purchased for $3,399..

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Rodriguez chooses to live with a makeshift mini-kitchen in her single room so she can spend her money on her high-rent.

Owner Financed Homes Welcome to the #1 Real Estate Brokerage for Owner Financed Homes in San Antonio and the surrounding area. With our programs, EVERY house on the MLS can be purchased via owner financing/seller financing or with one of our creative investor programs (including rent To Own & Lease Purchase).

Wholesaling seller financed homes, lease options, rent-to-own deals and properties with owner carry back mortgages or other types of assumable financing can.

A lease option helps would-be buyers who aren’t quite ready to purchase a home by allowing them to "rent to own." Challenged credit is a common barrier for these consumers, and the lease.

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There are investment companies that offer owner-financed and rent-to-own homes that are financed in house. It is basically an installment loan on a home, with no traditional mortgage needed. These types of properties are typically found in low-come areas where a lot of foreclosed homes can be found for dirt cheap.

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The sellers of the homes that we list offer Owner Financing, Lease Option and Rent-to-Own terms making qualifying very easy for you. _ What is Owner Financing? Owner Financing happens when the owner of the property is giving a mortgage to the buyer.

Call me today to find out more and receive a list of all owner financed homes that match. With this option you will rent your home until you are ready to buy it.

To be classified as a park home, a property must be movable in one or two pieces, either on its own wheels or by being transported. You will also need to pay a “pitch fee” or ground rent to the.